Whitening Strips


Professionally formulated enamel-safe whitening strips.

  • 7 pouches (7 days supply)
  • 14 strips total (7 upper, 7 lower)
  • Visibly whiter teeth after just one application
  • Remove years of stains in just one week

How Does It Work?

BURST whitening strips are thin plastic pieces that are coated with a hydrogen peroxide gel. This enamel-safe gel gets right into the porous surfaces of the teeth and removes the deepest of stains, leaving a whiter and much cleaner result than many over-the-counter strips on the market.

Whitening Strips Action on Teeth

Hydrogen peroxide penetrates the enamel and releases oxygen and hydroxyl radicals which then oxidizes the large stain molecules. This oxidation breaks down the stain molecules and converts them into much smaller structures, making the tooth appear whiter.