Full and Partial Dentures

When are dentures recommended instead of dental implants?

Dental implants aren’t always a viable option for everyone.  Implants may not be an option if the bone quality isn’t optimal for the implant body to hold or certain medical/dental conditions and habits that compromise the patient’s ability to heal.  In such cases, dentures may be a better alternative.

Dentures come in various forms.  They can replace one or more missing teeth or all of your teeth.  If there are healthy teeth remaining in the mouth that can be used to support the denture, it will improve retention of the dentures.  These are known as removable partial dentures or RPD.  In the case where there are no teeth in the mouth, a complete denture relies on soft tissue for support.  Although it is expected that the chewing function will be significantly diminished as compared to what was possible with natural teeth, it will help restore function so that you can continue to masticate and nourish your body as well as support your speech and facial profile.