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Goldfinch Dental Wellness Program

One of the most common reasons people report as to why they delay getting necessary treatments is not having dental insurance.  At Goldfinch Dental Care, we understand that cost is a major barrier to accessing needed care. It is especially true now more than ever that having the ability to obtain discounted dental services will help ease the economic burden of emergency dental visits. We believe that preventative dentistry is the best type of dentistry. We want to make it affordable to get regular care to prevent more complicated and often more costly conditions down the road. Whether  you are self-employed, retired, or work for a company without health benefits, this may be the right solution for your situation. Through our Wellness Program, our goal is to provide affordable dental care to everyone. Best of all, your monthly dues will be fixed at the price you initially signed up for, as long as it remains active.

No Insurance? Our Patients Don’t Need It! Learn how our Goldfinch Dental Wellness Program can work for you.

We offer three comprehensive options:

  1. Basic Program (age 13+) – For Normal Periodontal Health
  2. Periodontal Program – For Mild to Moderate Periodontal Disease
  3. Pediatric Program – For Ages Up to 13


Additionally, our Wellness Program members may also be eligible for special deep discounts. Exclusions may apply – for example, Invisalign treatment not included.

We want to encourage people to seek regular dental care and maintain a healthy smile. This is not a health insurance.

Dental Insurance

We accept most insurances.  Please call our office for more information.  We will gladly help you look up your dental benefits and will also help submit claims on your behalf.  Please note, however, that understanding your specific benefit plan is your responsibility.


We understand that financial consideration is a reality in our ability to complete necessary treatments before they become worse. To help our patients, we partnered with an external financing company to provide financing options for selected cases for our patients (Learn more).

Other Assistance

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