Your First Visit

Welcome to Goldfinch Dental Care!

Sometimes, it’s helpful to know what to expect when you visit an office for the first time. If this speaks to you, please continue and read on. The following typically is accomplished at your first appointment:

  • Complete New Patient Forms either before your appointment or in-office
  • Scan your photo ID and dental insurance card to your chart (If it applies, you can text a photo of your insurance card to our office phone number 206-800-6468 so that we may verify your benefits prior to your first appointment)
  • Take your photo for your chart (Don’t worry! This is only for our record so we can attach a smile to your name :o)
  • Review your medical history (If you take medications, please bring your list with you and what you are taking them for)
  • Record your temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate to establish your baseline
  • Collect information (x-rays and photos of your mouth as needed, record what’s in your mouth, and measure gum tissue health)
  • Discuss any concerns you have including dental fears and/or anxiety

Once we have collected all the necessary information, Dr. Lin will review them before doing a complete examinations including oral cancer screening. She will review with you any findings from the examination and if applicable, develop a treatment plan, and recommend a sequence based on urgency and necessity. However, all decisions will be made by you and we will work with you in addressing your main concerns first.

Depending on your gum health, you may be able to have your teeth cleaned the same day. If there is presence of gum disease, depending on the condition, it may be necessary to have additional appointments to complete the treatment. During your cleaning, we may review your current home care regimen and provide information on proper oral hygiene techniques and dietary impact on oral health as needed.

At the end of the appointment, we will schedule your next appointment, which is typically 6 months unless there is a need to have you return sooner. Hope this helps and getting the mystery out of what to expect on your first visit. We look forward to meeting you!.

Patient Comfort

Tell us what you like:

  • Watch what interests you on Netflix
  • Listen to music or earplugs to take a nap
  • Blanket
  • Pillow
  • Water

Please let us know how we can make your visit more comfortable for you.